Every bride wants to do some unique things on their wedding so that she can Wow guests even after several years of wedding! It could be a fashion statement that she sports, looks, bridal decor or that statement stunning bridal entry.

So Freaky Innovators thought why not share some incredible bridal entry ideas together from real weddings to motivate the brides of today:

#1 Make your entry with kids

Make the entry with kids. That your little nephew or niece walking ahead carrying the banner or board with having the title like “Here comes the most beautiful bride.” This would be full of entertaining and also add bundles of cuteness in bridal entry. Everybody would be in peels of applaud and laughter.

#2 Make Your Entry With Groom’s Favorite Song

Great Indian wedding is all about BandBaja and Ganabajana. Make the Bride entry surprising and sparkling one. Make the entry with groom’s favorite song which will add the complete thrilling of the moment.

#3 Entry in Box

Surprising things always comes in packages! Make a astonish entrance for the groom in a delivery box. Make an announcement for the groom to collect his parcel and then ask him to open the package.

#4 Dazzling Entry

One stunning bridal entry idea that will engage guests or friends there at the wedding. Request them to light up the sparklers, in your respect, as soon as you enter the spot. Not only will the light of the sparklers give an amazing stare to the whole atmosphere, but would also make the partying all the more stunning. Apart from this walking in middle with your partner add more glowing sparkles on both sides which would make you feel unique and look more beautiful in photographs too.

#5 Bride on a Speed Boat

This is especially for beach or sea wedding; you have the choice to make an entry on a boat! Wedding places at Beach Luxury Club, Resort, and Marina Club etc. can make this possible! Brides those who love adventures they can opt for this option and who wants to make an entry with fashion that will leave the guests surprised!

#6 Bride on a Bike!

If you be familiar with how to ride a bike, this is the day to prove it off! If not, perhaps a bicycle? And if all of that isn’t feasible, then add an elegant cart behind the cycle to make an overwhelming entrance! Or you can opt for bike entry with your brother also! But the superlative would be if you can drive yourself to the wedding venue!

#7 Make Entry in Bollywood Style

Now a day’s most of the wedding planner are using Bollywood theme. Make a movie style setup at the wedding, where bride stand behind the leaning white curtain and your groom goes down on his knees convincing you with romantic Bollywood song should be played in background while the guest should be set aside waiting for you to make an entree!

Every bride dreams of one-of-a-kind bridal incredible bridal entry and with these ideas ruling the fashion market, their dreams just turned to reality. So be that modernizer bride with these bridal fashion trends. Wow, your guest with your elegance and with the best wedding planner in India.

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