Planning a wedding in Winter: Here’s what you should consider

Temperatures are dropping, Snow is falling, and Wedding bells are ringing. Most of the couples prefer to get married in winters as it’s the perfect time to create a romantic, chilly and cozy ambience on the wedding day.

Here are some tips and tricks to make your winter wedding fabulous:

Try experimenting with Colors

You should not be afraid to experiment with colors when you’re planning wedding in winter season. There’s no need to stick to winter whites, greens, and subtle colors. You can choose bold and bright colors to create a fun experience for you and your guests. Try reds, lime greens, pineapple yellow, and orange for the season to add a dash of excitement to your special day.

Create a cozy reception

There are plenty of ways to make your reception memorable. You can consider lush and soft textures for your reception. It can be a good idea to create a romantic glow by planning the reception at the time of sun setting. You can decorate the ambieambiennce with violet ribbons or neon lights.

Do not Overheat

We know it would be cold outside and so, some thermostats can be used to make the ambience cozy on chilly winters. You can ask your wedding planner to help you with the same, but make sure that the area does not get overheated. Special temperature arrangements should be made for the dance floor area.

Be gracious to your guests

Think of some winter-inspired ways to thank your guests for being a part of your wedding. You can offer personalized gifts or winter-themed favors like ornaments with each guest’s name to make them feel special. Someone from your family or friends should be standing on the entrance to greet the guests when they reach the venue.

Dress Bridesmaids in style

Gone are the days when people followed rules for dressing bridesmaids. It’s completely okay to choose a strapless dress for the bridesmaids. A satin long strapless dress would be a good idea if you are planning a wedding indoors.

Winter weddings are a big craze these days, but it requires a lot of planning in advance. So, what are you waiting for? Get creative with your ideas and plan an extraordinary winter wedding that would be a memorable experience for you and your guests.