The Best Wedding Photo Booth Prop Ideas For You

A wedding without the coolest pictures is like a pizza without toppings!

You have it, but it doesn’t taste good. So, you need to add the best seasoning to make it enticing. The same goes with weddings where the guests surely come to bless the couple, but they also look forward to having a gala time!

If you are thinking about how to add some drama to your wedding, we have a suggestion for you-“use of wedding props”.

The wedding props ideas are a hit with today’s generation and are a must-have at wedding functions. There are all sorts of wedding props for bride and groom available in the market or online platforms. The props help in bringing out the best in you.

Just think of a picture where the bride is seen eloping with the groom in a decorated cycle rickshaw or the groom holding the placard which says “no more single”, the division of team bride and team groom, the enthusiastic “baccha party” posing in some signature Bollywood steps against the Instagram ready backdrops or introducing the family members using hashtags or in a fun way and the family members experimenting with big goggles, funny phrases boasting of the relations that they share with the couple and so on. It also brings out the romantic side where the couple proposes to each other by offering giant flowers.

Well, the ideas are unlimited and if you have a crazy army of relatives and friends, we suggest that you leave the wedding props to them and see the memories that they help you make.

The wedding photo booth has created a special place for itself owing to the entertainment it brings to a wedding; hence, it must be as lively and colorful as possible, so go for bright and bold colors and let the couple shine with wedding props.

The Indian wedding without the flavor of Bollywood is incomplete, so go for some beautifully themed décor and see the props create magical memories that will last a lifetime.

An expert wedding planner with years of experience and knowledge has good business acumen, excellent organizational skills, and is full of imagination.

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The expert wedding planners in Delhi also have a good market reach and they are constantly in touch with some of the best service providers such as caterers, professional photographers, wedding music experts, etc.

while there are other all-in-one wedding planners where you can expect all the services under one roof.


Always go for the wedding planner after reading testimonials about them and going through the reviews given to them for their services.

Please note that the wedding season is currently at its peak and if you are about to get hitched, make sure that you rope in the expert wedding planner before it’s late otherwise you may have to compromise on your wedding dreams!

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