This is How You Can Plan a 100 Guests Wedding in India

Indian weddings are known for over-the-top and larger-than-life gr and affairs.

Especially, a city like Delhi is known for hosting gr and weddings and has a list of top venues to host wedding functions.

However, the coronavirus p andemic has greatly impacted the way Indian weddings were performed. Due to this unavoidable situation, many people had to postpone their much-awaited plans and some got hitched in the presence of their family members in a very simple and intimate manner.

As of now, the Indian government has given some relief and gave permission to throw small wedding functions. However, there are some strict guidelines/conditions that need to be followed. The functions should be restricted to 100 people as per the rules. Besides this, safety, hygiene measures, and social distancing are some of the most important things that need to be followed.

If you want to make the wedding planning process quite smooth in this tough situation, you must take the help of a professional wedding planner in India as they can ensure the safety and security of their clients.

Below mentioned are some of the key ideas or suggestions that can help you plan a 100 guests wedding in India:

  • Toned Down Celebrations

If you are planning a wedding in Delhi amid Covid 19, it is advisable to opt for toned down celebrations with fewer rituals.Whatever venue you choose for the wedding, make sure they adhere to the hygiene protocols.

You can also hire the services of a professional wedding planner in Delhi as they are well aware of hygiene protocols and follow all the key norms like maintaining guest’s details, making arrangements for temperature checks, sanitization, masks, cleaning and disinfecting the touch-points and restrooms, distanced seating arrangements to follow social distancing, etc.

  • Plan an Intimate Wedding

While battling the novel Coronavirus crisis, big fat weddings can be avoided, and instead, couples must go for an intimate wedding which means a private ceremony in the presence of limited people, performing only key ceremonies, simple decoration, and most importantly great emphasis on top-notch hygiene st andards including contactless services.

  • Consider Live Streaming the Ceremony

The p andemic has drastically affected the wedding industry; however, this situation has also taught us some good things surrounded by us.We have understood the importance and power of technology. We are lucky that we live in a digital era where we can perform so many things effortlessly with our fingertips.

Weddings can be enjoyed by having your guest as attendees without inviting them physically to the wedding venue.

Nowadays, there are so many free to use apps available in the market like Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Facebook Live, etc. that you can use on any mobile device like laptop, iPad, tablet, or smartphone that has a clear camera to live-stream your wedding.

  • Choose a Venue Carefully

In the aftermath of the virus, it has become important to plan your big day with utmost caution.You must consider all the precautionary measures while choosing a venue for your wedding. You or your wedding planner must consider a perfect venue that follows all the safety norms in the present condition.An open-air or well-spaced outdoor wedding venue can be the right choice. An open-air or outdoor venue means plenty of space that could help attendees to maintain physical distancing as compared to an indoor venue.


In today’s time, the key challenges that most people and wedding planners are facing while planning a wedding are safety, costs, and permissions.

It is vital to follow all prescribed protocols and make social distancing a big m andate while planning any big event.

After all, your big day should be remembered for all the good things and mesmerizing memories.

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