Top 5 Upcoming Indian Wedding Trends We Would See in 2021

After the passing of the year 2020, everyone is hoping for a fresh start where they can celebrate things, especially weddings without a thought.

However, COVID-19 is still in existence and it is something that is not going to cease at the stroke of midnight.

As a result, small weddings will continue throughout the year. But the good thing is that with the recent breakthrough on the vaccine front, it seems that things will get better soon and people can again gain the confidence to plan bigger celebrations.

Let’s have a look at the latest Indian wedding trends 2021 to get an idea about planning and executing the perfect wedding this year:

  • Think Small and Special:

The restrictions imposed due to COVID-19, wedding ceremonies have become more compact.

However, the positive side of this impact is that it has given fuel to creativity. So, whether you are planning a small, intimate wedding, or a gr and one, you must focus on the smaller details through personalized experiences and ample décor choices to stimulate magical moments and make your day even more special.

  • Outdoor Weddings:

One of the key 2021 wedding trends that are gaining a lot of attention especially after the p andemic is “keeping all things natural”.

Instead of indoor weddings, people prefer open spaces as a wedding venue. As far as wedding theme or décor is concerned, décor in sync with nature including lots of greenery, foliage, flowers, and beautiful views are all in dem and.

  • Environment-Friendly Wedding:

Most wedding nowadays is all about putting the environment first.

This is one of the best trends that have emerged in 2020 and needs to be continued forever after that. Going eco-friendly with wedding celebrations has transformed all aspects of wedding planning. Sending digital invitations to guests, no or less use of plastics, donation of extra food, choosing local décor elements, and responsible waste disposal are some of the key highlights of eco-friendly weddings.

  • Increased Use of Technology:

Among the best things that happened in 2020, is the increased usage of technology. Technology is playing an excellent role in augmenting a wedding and bringing down the costs as well.

This phenomenal trend is likely to accelerate in the coming year. From sending e-invites to using wedding websites and choosing live-stream weddings, it is all about choosing technology to ensure that all the guests who are not able to attend a wedding can still be a part of the celebration.

  • Destination Weddings:

The most highlighted part of a wedding in 2020 is the destination wedding. This trend is all set to make a huge comeback in 2021. With the limited number of guests, people can afford weddings at their choice of destination, which will further let them enjoy their intimate dream wedding to the fullest.


These are some of the latest wedding trends in India that are likely to flourish throughout the year and beyond that.

So, whether it is a small or a gr and wedding on the cards, you can take the help of the best wedding planner in India who can arrange everything be it the dress, catering, styling, or flowers.

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