You Must Ask These 6 Questions Before Booking Your Wedding Venue

Such a vast country India is, you can bet a wedding going on somewhere in the country while you are reading this article. Not just Indians, but many foreign nationals are attracted towards the beauty of Indian weddings.

The weddings in turn require venues where the sacred vows can be promised. The wedding venues in India can be found at every corner with respect to the number of weddings happening every day.

After the perfect match-making or the final meeting with the parents, the planning for the D-day begins. The first thought that comes to mind is the venue. To be precise, the perfect venue paves the way for the perfect wedding. The venue, if selected wisely, gives all the desired colors to your wedding which you might have been planning since you realized the true meaning of marriage.

However, before deciding on a particular venue, you must look into all the important details to avoid any last-minute hassle.

Below mentioned are some of the most important questions that you must seek answers to before heading to a wedding venue booking:

  • When can I book?

The wedding venue booking should be done well before the actual day. Venues have different policies where some accept booking months ahead and some a few days before.

  • What are the deposit charges/rental fee and cost of services?

The wedding venues charge differently based on their location or opulence. You might get all the services included or you may have to pay for individual services. Also, find out the latest when you can submit the amount otherwise you might lose your dream venue to the next couple in line.

  • What are the security preparations in case of emergency/eventuality?

Indian weddings boast several rituals (especially the ones that include fire), so the venue must have all the necessary measures to handle any mishap quickly. They must be prepared to tackle any unwanted situations.

  • Do you have in-house catering services?

Some venues provide their own catering services or through a third party while others do not offer such services. However, you can always make a final choice.

  • Is there availability of dressing rooms/extra accommodation?

The changing rooms make it easier for the bride/groom to get ready for the functions on time and party together otherwise they might be seen running from here to there. Also, the far-off cousin may decide to turn up for the wedding from his/her busy schedule, expecting good hospitality. Make sure you spare some rooms for such last-minute guests.

  • What is the cancellation policy?

Due to any unpredictable situations, you may have to cancel the venue booking. In such cases, it is beneficial to know the cancellation policy, in advance. Ascertain whether the deposited money/rental fee is refundable or not. Some wedding venues return half or more amount if you cancel within the permissible time frame.

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A good search along with going through the testimonials and reviews will definitely help you find the best wedding venues in India.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and see your wedding dreams turn into reality!